Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
A New Year 
A time for  new beginnings and a great
  time to learn new things
This morning a single rose from
 our garden not only filled
 our home with its pretty color
but  also with the most amazing fragrance
Winter roses are always a blessing
These past few days of the New Year have been all about change
  I received a new Mac computer for Christmas
{my pc kicked the bucket}
 This is my very first post as I try to
learn a  completely new system
Going from a PC to a Mac
 fun,exciting and frustrating
 all at the same time
What was once second nature now takes me so long to finish
I am grateful that our children are still at home to help me for few more days 
as I try to figure out how to edit and download pics
 I mean import pics
 there is even a different language 
to  learn
Do you prefer to use a PC or a Mac
If you have a Mac
here are my questions 
 did you take the classes
 did you find them helpful
I am scheduled to take my first class next week
in the mean time 
wish me luck !!!!
 If you have any words of advice or wisdom about Mac's
I would be so grateful for any help, tips or hints you can share

romantic saying for today

"Since love grows within you so beauty grows for love is the beauty of the soul"
St Augustine