Hi Everyone 
Happy Tuesday
 Mondays are always such busy days
 maybe its because Sunday is so peaceful and when Mondays come we hit the ground running again
This Monday was no different a crazy day filled with
 a  photo shoot 
It seemed as if the entire house was turned  inside out and into a party of pretty!
  A feast for the eyes
 everywhere you looked there were.....

 Vintage treasures  sitting on
 counter tops, floors, tables, ladders,buckets
everything was out to play with

Flowers everywhere as far as the eye could see

So fun to have so many people at the house moving things around 
why is it days like this always seem to go by way too fast
 the blush pink roses with the vintage white ironstone pitcher
I was able to take a few shots with my camera too

Learned so much about lighting and  f stop  camera settings and
wide angle lenses
{do I sound like a pro}
I am grateful to be able to share some of the pretty of the day with all of you

I would never have thought to mix gorgeous pink blush roses with 
eucalyptus leaves  

How do you feel about Mondays

romantic saying for today

"You consume my every thought"