Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday
It is always
 such a pleasant surprise how clean and neat
 our home looks after the
 Christmas decorations have been
 taken down and put away
Do you feel that way too

Don't get me wrong 
to add color and pretty decorations 
  during the holidays and we always
  miss the wonderful smell of our 
  Christmas tree but.....
Removing all the trimmings helps the eye
 to focus on getting everything back to simple, clean and fresh
{do you see this new wooden cutting board it came from Ikea and was only 9.99}
we bought it at Thanksgiving
it is very large and has a lip on the side it fits right over the extra burners on our stove
it has been great for placing hot dishes and even for cooling cookies

Now we also have another spot
 to place fresh flowers
 from our garden
we have been pruning the rose bushes and these are the last of our winter white roses

Fresh, Simple , Clean
feels so good

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p.s. thank you all for the hints and encouragement regarding my new MAC computer 
I am starting to really like it 

romantic saying for today

"I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone."