Hi Everyone
Happy Friday

When you look at this picture from Country Living magazine
what is the first thing you notice
For me it is the 5 little green childrens chairs
all in a row

This is the little green
 chair that our daughter used when she was little 
the sturdiness and the
wonderful green color
I can still see her coloring at the coffee table sitting in the chair

 This little blue chippy chair
that our son used often sits in the
dining room holding baskets
We still
  both of these little chairs 
and use them  all around the house
even sitting on them when we have friends 
over and sit around the coffee table in the living room
playing board games and watching baseball

Even our kitty
likes to sit on the chairs

If I found 5 little children's chairs I would have to
buy them and figure out a way to
get them all in the car
{strapped on top}
and bring them

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romantic saying for today 
"Your beauty is a light that guides my way through the darkness"