Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday

This is my new white bougainvillea plant
I found it at Home Depot for $5.99
now for the funny part
I was looking at Armstrongs Nursery over the weekend
and found a white bougainvillea plant for $39.99
I was going to buy it and went to get a cart when I came back someone else had grabbed it?
It was my own fault I did leave it unattended while I went to get a cart....
 today we went to Home Depot to buy
paint and I found the bouganvillea for $5.99
$34.00 dollars cheaper

It is so pretty the flower petals are translucent  and
there are little tiny white flowers in the middle

It is perfect for the urn in the herb garden patio
Our kitty
Latte likes it too
I can't wait to see it grow and cover the entire wall 
on the patio

saving $34.00 dollars
that means I have some money left over to spend

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romantic saying for today
"I need the star shine of your heavenly eyes after the days great sun"
Charles Hanson Towne