Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
It was a warm weekend here
 lot's of sunshine
 and temperatures in the high 70's

 {our son is in Nebraska where it was 17 degrees yesterday}
so wish I could bottle up some of this warm sunshine and send it to you all

With the warm weather we were blessed to spend time planting in our garden 
but before we went outside there were a few light bulbs
 that needed to be changed in the kitchen
to use our pink vintage wooden ladder 

It is just the perfect height for changing light bulbs 

Just could not resist taking a few pictures 
of the ladder 
 and the amazing sun streaming through the kitchen window

 Grateful for warm sunny days 
spent  together in the garden

especially in the middle
 of  February !!!

romantic saying for today

"You were made perfectly to be Loved and surely I have Loved you, and the thought of you, my whole life long"
Elizabeth Barett Browning