Hi Everyone
 Happy Thursday
So excited to have
 stylist Sunday Hendrickson and photographer Mark Lohman 
at our home for a photo shoot
this week

This amazingly talented and fun filled duo worked their magic
 transforming our home
 room by room
  making it glow with beauty, style and elegance

It was such a thrill to
watch how they worked in symphony with each other
 finding and sharing the vision for each shot 
and then witnessing their intense and meticulous attention to every tiny detail

From the lemon slices for each glass of pink lemonade
 and the same amount of ice cubes in each glass 
lighting and background 
{and keeping our big boned pug Finley and his toys out of the shot}

Sunday is a magazine field editor, producer and stylist extraordinaire!
 Here she is folding the freshly ironed cloth pink napkins
 and lighting the candles , arranging the beautiful flowers

 Everywhere through out the house
 Mark and Sunday
were artists painting a canvas and our home came to life

Mark checking the set up and lighting of each photo on his computer
Mark recently worked with FiFi Oneil
 on her beautiful soon to be released Romantic Prairie cookbook
please visit his
click on website above
to see all of his stunning work

Here is a picture of me in the mirrors behind our kitchen stove
we had a major crises the day before the photo shoot 
the mirrors you see here have been behind our stove for at least 7 years 
we were cleaning the small mirror to the left of the pot filler faucet
  somehow it fell behind the million pound stove
 this had never happened before !!!!!
 my heart sunk 
the photo shoot was the next day 
 we were told the kitchen was one of the main areas to be photographed
 and not to change anything
panic set in.... here were the thoughts running through my mind

can two people move the million pound stove out???
can we squeeze a hand behind the less than one inch space behind the stove? 
was the mirror completely broken?
 could we find another vintage mirror the same size by the next day?
What to do....
gratefully handsome husband was able to remove the air vent
without having to move the million pound stove
 and we were able to use a coat hanger to lift up the mirror 
crises averted

Here is a picture of the white tile behind the stove 
so you can see what a difference the mirrors make in our kitchen

So grateful the vintage mirror was still in one piece
 and the photo shoot went off without a hitch

Cant wait to share with all of you
 more photos
Thank You Mark and Sunday
for making this photo shoot so fun and memorable

romantic saying for today

"I know the only one for me can only be you
 My arms won't free you my heart won't try"
Henry Warren