Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
Such a fun valentine idea !! Little hearts on sugar cubes
They are just too cute
To make these I used zig art pens

I tried using food coloring
it worked for the heart outline but
started to bleed

The pens worked perfectly
 and there are so many pretty colors to choose from
it is a non toxic, water based pen so you can even eat the sugar cubes
 if you want to ......

 the pink color of these wax flowers
I wanted to try and create the same pink on the sugar cubes

I got pretty close
 the pink is a little paler than the flowers

Which one do you like the best
 the pink or the red

only 5 days
until Valentine's day

linking for Pink Saturday
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romantic saying for today

"Paradise itself is dim and joyless if not shared with thee"
Thomas Moore