Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday

These vintage  jelly jars have become a new passion
{aren't they cute}

They hold just the right amount of milk or juice in the morning
  these jars were made to last
 with extremely thick glass they have stood the test of time

The two glasses with milk in them are both made by the ball company
 the one on the left is oldest dating back to 1943 
the one on the right is from 1983 
it was a 50 year anniversary jar
 1933 to 1983

There is a star burst pattern on both of the glasses 
the one on the left has the star pattern on the bottom of the jelly jar
the one on the right has the star burst pattern around the center of the glass

These vintage  jelly jars are not expensive to collect
they range anywhere from $4 dollars to $25 depending on their age and condition

 And if you are lucky you can even find them for 25 cents at
thrift stores and estate sales

A fun vintage treasure  to collect
 using these jelly jars everyday
we use all our vintage treasures

 We  recently gave six vintage glass jelly jars to a sweet couple
 as a kitchen themed wedding shower gift
 they were a huge hit now
the young bride has started looking for more to add to her own
vintage collection

are you ready for Valentines day
only 3 more days

romantic saying for today

"Counting stars for every reason I love you was pointless I quickly ran out of stars"