Hi Friends
Happy Friday
It was a fun romantic and memorable night last night at our house
The power went out around 3 in the afternoon
here in Southern California
5 million people were without power
when the sun went down 
it was dark everywhere traffic lights were not working,
stores were closed, restaurants were closed, phones were not working
no computer, no television
so we lit the candles
and felt transported back in time

Being the romantic that I am
We had candles everywhere
We had dinner 
by candlelight and we used this
vintage enamelware candle holder
to walk from room to room
just imagine what it was like to only live by candle light
Grateful I bought the large box of candles at Ikea

This candle holder in the bedroom was all aglow
fun to see all  the dripped wax on the edge this morning
I found candles  in every room
 glad we blew them ALL out before we went to bed last night

Candles on the dining table

More candles on the buffet
Vintage White Ironstone candle holder this one even holds the matches

I did not realize we had  lit so many candles
until I looked around the house this morning 

Sparklers were fun to play with too
We even ate all the ice cream in the freezer
{it was going to melt anyway}
The power came back on around 2 this morning

How wonderful to spend the evening with no electricity
It was a romantic night by candlelight
we had so much Fun
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Show and Tell Friday

romantic saying for today
"An invincible love the fire of the days as if I had never walked except with you in my heart"
Pablo Neruda