Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday

The Lettered Cottage is having a mantel party today
Because I am not a big orange fan
I loved using white pumpkins to decorate the mantel last year
I wrote BOO with a black sharpie
 The great part about these pumpkins was I kept them up for Thanksgiving too
I just turned them around and hid the BOO
It still looked cute and
 lasted a long time
I like this years mantel even more

This years mantel does not have any pumpkins but it still says
I used a glitter B initial and 2 Gatorade bottle tops to add the orange color
{and recycle too}
 Also stacked a few more
~vintage mirrors~
to add more reflection
  I grabbed some oranges from the fruit basket
they smell great 
A glittery  reflective Halloween mantel
that I did not spend a dime this year on decorating for Halloween
be sure and join in the
It's Fall Y'all party
The Lettered Cottage 
A Bowl Full of Lemons

romantic saying for today
"Where ever you are you are my first star your wish my only command"
Charles Ghigna