Hi Everyone
Happy Thursday

A few months ago My wonderful Husband said
we could get a new bed
We have had the same bed frame since our wedding day
25 years ago
I started shopping for the perfect  new one
the gray  headboard in the photo above
the shape of this white headboard
this bed look at the heart on the headboard
So after looking at all of these and shopping like crazy I found a bed that I really loved
and I ordered it
I bought new mattresses, sheets , bedspread and a bed skirt
I was excited but there was something sad about it too
I wasn't as happy or excited about the new bed like I thought I would be
In fact I started thinking about our bed and all of the memories that are attached to it old and new 
I started mourning the loss of our old bed!!!!!
I know it sounds ridiculous

The day came when the new bed arrived 
It was pretty , it was simple, it was white, it was a king size bed
old bed is queen size

You are going to think I am crazy but we decided to send the new bed back
We still
our old bed it may not be as beautiful as the beds above
or the new bed we ordered but it is full of love and memories that are precious
So I am happy and grateful and I am sure you are all thinking I am nuts !!
It's funny how something so simple can mean so much
 I am so Happy
My Husband is happy too He said he likes me close to him at night and
the king sized bed  had too much room and made us too far apart from each other!!!
I Love that man

 I am a romantic at heart 
romantic saying for today
"Heaven on Earth is  perfect unconditional Love for another"