Hi Everyone
Happy Monday
This summer has been hot even here in San Diego
We have been lucky that many of our plants are surviving the heat
The front yard roses are doing well
 White Iceberg roses are quite drought tolerant
We were rationed for water and I was worried they would die but they actually did great

Here is the path to our little green house
to walk down and see the roses and the rest of the garden
in the morning

Found pretty pink Tiffany roses this morning showing off

This Tiffany rose smells even
more beautiful than it looks

Our Tiffany rose bush is surrounded by Breath of Heaven
bushes that sway in the wind

Rachel Ashwells path in her garden
I see a pink rose and some white iceberg roses too
this photo is from her blog
Shabby Chic
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romantic saying today
"I look inside my heart and I always find you there"
Lori Eberhardy