Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
Yes this Mom still wears her
 leather jacket and high heels 
recently I was asked to have
 pictures taken for an upcoming project 
My first thought was...
 what to wear for a photo shoot

 this simple white dress Christie Brinkley is wearing
 so casual and pretty 
{lets face it, she could wear a sack and still  look amazing}

I was told not to wear white
which is the color of most of my wardrobe
In fact one of my most popular posts is about
 the little white dress

Here I am in what I usually wear
 cowboy boots, shorts
and a denim shirt
{this was taken  recently at a photography class}
I was told this was too casual
I was also told no business suits or fancy ball gowns
Now I was  really starting to get nervous so I did what anyone would do~
I started looking at Pinterest for inspiration

 This picture of Jennifer Aniston
became the inspiration pic for my outfit

Can you tell us apart....
 a girl can dream LOL
 Grateful handsome husband liked the outfit too
Thank you Pinterest and Jennifer Aniston for the inspiration
Can't wait to share with you my new project coming soon
What would you wear for your photo shoot
I would {love} to know

romantic saying for today

"Funny how Love starts so simply"