Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday
Our summer mantel
 is clean and simple
the combination of ivy topiaries and white inpatiens 

 I have had a {love} hate relationship with 
ivy topiaries 
I  would buy them and keep my fingers crossed
 that they would be happy , healthy
and grow
usually they would end up losing leaves turning yellow and
well ....you know the rest

 These two ivy topiaries
 are doing great we received them as a hostess gift last November
so grateful and surprised
they are doing well
 here are a few things we did to help them thrive and stay alive

We found fish emulsion at Home Depot   
 it is easy to use just add a few drops to the water  it really works
 The ivy has been
 healthy and is growing

They have very green pretty leaves
 and new growth

A regular schedule of watering has helped to prevent over watering 
{usually my problem}
as well as under watering
They can dry out very quickly especially in the summer

Be sure and place your ivy topiary
 where it will get some light but not in direct sun
this can burn the leaves
{guilty of this}

Easy steps to keep your topiaries growing too
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romantic saying for today

"Near or far you are always on my mind you live in my heart"