Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
On morning walks we like to play the game
 "I spy"
 but this "I spy" game
 is a little different then the one you may know

Our "I spy" game is about looking for the
 that surrounds us all in our everyday lives
 its there if we choose to see it
these beautiful pink roses
are the perfect example 
as we walk along
 we say "I spy" beautiful pink roses growing on the fence

"I spy"
 a vintage window greenhouse

"I spy"
 a pretty white birdhouse

"I spy"
 amazing white iceberg roses on a glorious Summer day

so grateful to teach
 our children to look for the good
 and to see the beauty
in every day

What do you
 "I spy"

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romantic saying for today

"With one look at you our Love story had begun"