Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday

There is a new baby at the stables 
Both Mama and baby are doing well
We were there for the birth 
What a miracle
and now we feel so attached and in
 Growing bigger everyday
and sweet as can be
so happy and strong it is so fun just to watch him run around
 You can see that Mama is protective
look at her teeth
I'm not sure if that was a yawn or a warning to stay away
 This is our daughters old horse she had to sell him when 
she went away to college
but we live right down the street so when she is home
she can ride him and see him almost everyday
so happy to see each other

  Her riding boots and hat by the front door
 they are at the ready
 For another day of fun
They fit right in with the garden wellies
~easy Summer decor~
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romantic saying for today
"May your love flow like a river never ending Be as strong as a tree ever bending
Nurtured like a gardener ever tending and sustain you all the days of your life"

Mary Quigley