Hi Everyone
Happy Monday

It is always fun in the summer to go out in the backyard
and pick the ripe apricots right off the tree

 This year we have a bumper crop 
Just look at this branch full of ripe apricots
 When they get really ripe they fall to the ground
Apricots are so good for you
full of vitamins and sweet as candy 
Best part no preservatives or pesticides
~Home grown~
They are a family favorite
We even make apricot smash My take on jam 
just remove pits, smash apricots add a dash of lemon juice and sugar to taste
I microwave it for 6 minutes and let it cool
so easy and delicious

Apricots remind me of my Grandmother
She had a apricot tree in her backyard too and when we were little we would all sit under the tree and eat apricots popping them in our mouths one right after the other
we always would end up covered from head to toe
sticky and gooey from the juicy ripe and delicious treats
A sweet and wonderful memory 

that our children know what its like to get all sticky from apricots too
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romantic saying for today

"Your song sings always in me even when you are silent"
Charles Ghigna