Hi Everyone
Happy Weekend

It is always a must for a 
~Romantic Home~
to have fresh flowers

  Surround yourself with beauty
These old cabbage roses are dreamy
and old world romantic
 These gorgeous peonies are as fluffy
and light as a feather
 Tiny pink bud roses so
delicate and sweet
 One very small
Cecille Brunner rose that
makes the entire room smell like a rose garden
A large garden rose
sitting pretty

Delicate petals that 
smell like heaven

A Romantic Home
is filled with Love, Laughter and Beauty
My Husband asked me last night why our home smells so great
I told him it was the roses from the garden He said, Oh I thought it was you...
I hope you have a Romantic Happy Weekend
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romantic saying for today

"A kiss is just a kiss a sigh is just a sigh
the fundamental things apply as time goes by and when two lovers woo they still say I love you....."
Louis Armstrong