Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
A Vintage creamy white ironstone pitcher
 is the perfect vase for these
 freshly cut pink hydrangeas from our garden

Can you see the detail and luster on this large 
vintage white 
ironstone pitcher
it is one of my favorite vintage treasures 

We cut so many hydrangeas this morning
 that we even put some flowers
in a vintage white ironstone 
casserole dish

 the traditional and classic
combination of hydrangeas in
vintage white ironstone

Did you know that hydrangeas
will last much longer if you do not add
 any other type of flower to the vase
 {like the white roses above}
 if you want your cut hydrangeas to last a long time
 keep them separated from other cut flowers

Hydrangeas are  also thirsty flowers 
they require a lot of water 
 be sure and check the water level in the vase often 
especially in the summer to prevent wilting

These beautiful hydrangeas will last almost
 2 weeks by our front door

Pink Hydrangeas and vintage
 white ironstone
a beautiful and classic combination
Don't you just
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