Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Our circle driveway is the
first thing we fell in 
 with when we first looked at this house 
in fact we drove up the circle drive way and I remember 
Handsome Husband looking at me and we both just smiled
God had guided us to this house we were so grateful
we put an offer in
 that day !!! 
the crazy part is we did not even go inside the house until a week later

 This beautiful jacaranda tree sits 
right in the middle of the circle driveway
 and it is in full bloom right now

the gorgeous blue purple color of the flowers 
and its light and airy leaves

We planted a few gardenia bushes
 we received as a house warming gift  
{so grateful}
right under the jacaranda tree  
 they are also blooming and
the fragrance is glorious
We found this 
 vintage wrought iron tree seat
 it fit right around the tree 

 We also planted a few pink astramaris flowers
they filled in...
OK they spread all over the place

 Even popping up next to the greenhouse
I think the birds had something to do with this idea
That's alright with me
they are fabulous flowers
these are the ones you find in grocery stores
they last a long time and look so pretty
they are the perfect filler for fresh picked flower arrangements
 A full basket of
freshly cut flowers
{I can be dangerous with garden shears}

It is fun to arrange
 fresh garden flowers
 for the house

This flower arrangement has
astramaris, roses and hydrangeas
do you have a favorite flower you like to use in arrangements
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romantic saying for today

"For thee my Love the wonder working earth put forth sweet flowers"