Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
This is so exciting  today it is
 one year 
that we have kept this little heart shaped  ivy topiary alive !!!
I feel like throwing confetti and celebrating
I am embarrassed to say that there have been way too many topiary's
 that have just been tossed in the trash

When we were given this topiary as a hostess gift last year 
 I almost cringed with guilt
Our friends bet me that it would go the way of all of the previous topiary's trashed in a few months but 
 I made it my goal to try and keep it alive
 First it was placed in the kitchen next to the sink where we could keep an eye on it and make sure it got plenty of water
 but it was in a window that receives much
too much light
 we moved it to the dining room 
( this is when I thought  for sure it was going to die }
 but it was happy there
So we kept the ivy watered on a regular bases 
 gave it a light spray bath every other week
and it actually started to grow 

We placed it in different containers
to show it off

Tonight our friends are coming over for dinner
can't wait for them to see
it is still alive

if you have trouble growing ivy topiary's too
here are a few hints.........
 find a location that does not get too much sun or heat and spray them often to keep the leaves clean
water regularly and keep your fingers crossed

romantic saying for today

"Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit."