Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
There is something so fun about ice skating 
maybe its just the challenge not to fall
or maybe it is falling just a little
could be the cold and bundling up
in our
 mittens and scarves
and drinking hot cocoa too

having our daughters ice skates out for all to see this time of  year
brings back so many
 wonderful  family memories 

This year we found the most wonderful  Christmas tree it is
 very full and when we got it home it was much bigger than it looked at the lot
 so we trimmed a few branches and they worked perfectly
 tucked inside the skates
We even added some jingle bells so
opening the gate
even sounds like
 Every year it is a family tradition to add the ice skates somewhere
Family traditions
This year we will be ice skating all together at the famous Hotel Del Coronado
can't wait to make new family memories!!!!

romantic saying for today

"Express your Love at every chance"