Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday 
It is such a blessing and so much
 FUN to be a Mom
everything about it
and very grateful everyday 
for such a wonderful handsome husband
 and amazing children

This card says it all
it goes like this
little one yells
{while you are in the bathroom}
 knocking on the door
you answer 
trying to have the calmest voice possible
 while you are thinking
 the house is on fire or someone is running with scissors
or cutting the curtains or even worse cutting someones hair

yes sweetheart
and you hear 

I Love you

you answer
I Love you.... more

This always makes me smile
because it is so true
Has this happened to you too?

Thrilled we made it back home from Kauai for
 Mothers day 
best gift ever is being all together
with the ones that you Love

 Life is filled with magic moments 
I hope you all had a blessed  Mother's day filled with moments
 that will be etched in your heart forever

romantic saying for today

"I Loved you yesterday, I love you still,
 I always have and I always will"