Hi Everyone
 Happy Good  Friday
So happy to be back home again
If you follow
White Ironstone Cottage
 on Instagram
 {I post pics daily}
 you know I was in Singapore the past week
more about this adventure to come.....
The beaches were gorgeous this is a iphone pic of Sentosa Island

Grateful to be back in time to celebrate

If you are decorating for
last minute
 here are a few simple and quick ideas
 to welcome family and friends 
with a pretty umbrella filled with flowers at the front door

A table set with colorful pansies
from the local nursery
placed in green spray painted baskets

If you have the time to dye Easter eggs
 these pink eggs are beautiful 
 the idea of dyeing all the eggs the same color
{the lilacs are pretty too}

A quick and simple way to decorate
cut a few blooming branches
these pink buds are perfect in a vintage French white enamelware pitcher
and the pastel color palette is fresh and clean 

Instead of place cards {Love} the idea of daisy wreaths
 on the chairs so everyone knows where to sit
 too cute
How are you decorating for Easter

Happy Easter

Trust in the Lord with all your heart

romantic saying for today

"Nothing is impossible to a willing heart"