Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday

Valentine's day is only a week away
 here are
a few simple tips
to help you add a little romance to your home

One of the easiest ways to add romance is with flowers

 to buy flowers that we can have inside the house for a few weeks
 and then transfer to outside

The Second tip
 turn off the lights
 and light some candles

When was the last time you had dinner by candlelight

Try to buy candles with a great fragrance
so it not only adds a pretty romantic glow
it smells great too

Tip number 3
 frame a few pictures of just the two of you
and place them around the house
It is fun to reminisce when the pictures were taken and what you were doing together
Our kid's {Love} looking at these pictures
of Mom and Dad

Tip number 4
place hearts all
around the house

Tip number 5
write each other a
or {Love} letters
no store bought cards

When I was a flight attendant my Handsome Husband
 and I wrote {love} letters to each other
I can remember being
 in a hotel alone on Valentines day and reading the {love} letter he wrote me
 I cherish them

Tip number 6

 watch a romantic movie together
this is the movie The Proposal it always makes me laugh


Now its your turn
 please leave a comment and share your ideas
 for adding romance to your home too

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romantic saying for today

"In your smile I see something more beautiful than the stars"