Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
Do you like to go Christmas shopping
 do you make a list and stick to it
 or are you like me
 Things that were not on the list
find their way into the shopping cart too

While you are out shopping
 on your way home somehow does your car end up stopping
 at YOUR favorite 
antique store just to take a peek
Me too!!!
I found this adorable vintage framed picture with pink cabbage roses
and the most wonderful saying
"The Lord shall be thine everlasting light"

 Also not on the list was this wonderful
 Merry Christmas ribbon
 The ribbon will be used
 for wrapping presents this year

 Sometimes the things that were
 not on the list 
 Turn out to be the ones we
 the most

linking for Pink Saturday

romantic saying for today

"I still fall for you everyday"