Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
Are you ready for another
 vintage shopping test

Here are two similar metal hangers
One is a vintage metal hanger that was used for display
in a department store in the late 1930's
The other metal hanger is a brand new reproduction

The first  metal hanger is smaller in comparison
 has a rounded bottom
and a metal locker number at the top

The second wire hanger is taller and has a playful shape
almost looks like it is smiling
there is a small square bottom perfect for 
{yes hydrangeas}
they are just too beautiful not to share with you all...

Both metal hangers
 have a multitude of uses
we use them both around our home for storage
 and even to hang clothes on

Do you think you know which one is the vintage metal hanger
 and which one is the reproduction

If you guessed the tall hanger with the smile and square bottom
 you are right

The one on the left is a brand new reproduction
 the one on the right is the vintage treasure
How did you do
 did you spot the real vintage hanger
 or were you fooled by the new reproduction
Leave me a comment I would
to know how you did
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romantic saying for today

"If I know what Love is it is because of you"