Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
This week end is my annual
 Mothers Day party 
This is a garden party with fabulous friends, pretty flowers
and delicious and decadent food

It is so much fun to get together
Everyone has to come wearing hats, gloves and pearls
There is even a prize for the best outfit
and a few years ago 
the winner wore a bicycle helmet, rubber gloves and a leather skirt 
some how she pulled this off like a champ!!!

We play fun games 
and exchange gifts of no more than $10 dollars 
Then of coarse you can steal a gift so there is always a 
little excitement
These talented Ladies get really creative with 10 bucks
 last year we all fought over a hand painted
water color picture of our home!!!!!

 Getting the house ready for the party
 to include flowers everywhere

The kitchen gets a few
just picked flowers
 from the garden

Here is a picture from the very first 
Mother's day garden party
notice all the hats and gloves!!!!
{bad pic sorry}

The party is a way to celebrate
the blessings of
with wonderful friends 
and a fun excuse to wear hats, gloves and pearls too

So grateful to be a MOM

romantic saying for today

"Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs"